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From Leo Tolstoy:
Great and true acts are always simple and modest. And such is the very great work which is before us–the solution of those terrible contradictions in which we live.




Declaration of Interdependence                   Printer-friendly

1.    To explore the classical and renaissance traditions of East and West and their continuing relevance to emerging modes and patterns of living
2.    To renew the universal vision behind the American Dream through authentic affirmations of freedom, excellence and self-transcendence in an ever-evolving Republic of Conscience
3.    To honour through appropriate observance the contributions of men and women of all ages to world culture
4.    To enhance the enjoyment of the creative artistry and craftsmanship of all cultures
5.    To deepen awareness of the universality of man's spiritual striving and its rich variety of expression in the religions, philosophies and literatures of humanity
6.    To promote forums for fearless inquiry and constructive dialogue concerning the frontiers of science, the therapeutics of self-transformation, and the societies of the future
7.    To investigate the imaginative use of the spiritual, mental and material resources of the globe in the service of universal welfare
8.    To examine changing social structures in terms of the principle that a world culture is greater than the sum of its parts and to envision the conditions, prospects and possibilities of the world civilization of the future
9.    To assist in the emergence of men and women of universal culture, capable of continuous growth in non-violence of mind, generosity of heart and harmony of soul
10.    To promote universal brotherhood and to foster human fellowship among all races, nations and cultures

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