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The Institute of World Culture has launched influential publications to generate a continuing inquiry into the prospects and possibilities, the conditions and requirements, of the world civilization of the future. Current publications include analyses of contemporary social structures, contributions to philosophic and literary thought, as well as classic reprints from Plato, ancient Indian psychology, Edward Bellamy and Leo Tolstoy. They invite the reader to rethink and renew a vital sense of participation in the global inheritance of humanity and the emerging cosmopolis.

Institute of World Culture Series
The Society of the Future,
Raghavan Iyer $12.75
The Religion of Solidarity, Edward Bellamy $12.75
The Banquet,
Plato $12.75 (on backorder)
The Law of Violence and the Law of Love, Leo Tolstoy $12.75
Utilitarianism and All That, Raghavan Iyer $12.75
Novus Ordo Seclorum, Raghavan Iyer $12.75
The Dream of Ravan, from The Dublin University Magazine    $12.75

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