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What is World Culture
The IWC's Declaration invites us to "envision the conditions, prospects and possibilities of the world civilization of the future."

About the Founders
The Institute of World Culture in Santa Barbara was
founded July 4, 1976







The sun, the source of light, life and energy, emits seven rays from the center of the seal. The rays represent the seven prismatic colors and point toward the sides of the heptagon from which seven triangles emerge.

Each triangle signifies the triadic relationship–conception, growth and regeneration–in man and nature. The heptagon links the seven continents of the globe, suggesting the universal basis of the fellowship of humanity.

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About the Institute

The Institute of World Culture aims to promote universal brotherhood and foster human fellowship among all races, nations and cultures. The Institute offers a congenial environment for the contemplation and enjoyment of the rich heritage of human culture. Discovery of this heritage includes a search for the promise and possibilities of the civilization of the future. To promote its aims, the Institute presents a variety of seminars and cultural events highlighting classical and contemporary themes. It also sponsors discussion groups on the sciences and philosophies, ethical and psychological perspectives and the arts and crafts of past and present humanity.

Activities of the Institute

Activities of the Institute include seminars and talks, on-going study groups and periodic opportunities with visiting speakers, films, artistic presentations and cultural excursions. Seminars are usually held on Saturday afternoon to consider a topic that is explained and explored by presenters who have given considerable thought to the topic. Participants are encouraged to exchange insights and develop fresh modes of authentic communication that honor the classical tradition of tolerant and self-validating dialogue. Study Groups meet regularly and have the opportunity to consider in greater depth a timely topic from the perspective of the Institute's aims.

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